Intuit Shuts Down Zipingo. Yelp Winning This Space Through Attrition

Zipingo, the small business review site launched by Intuit in late 2005, shut down yesterday.

When it launched, Zipingo competed with a slew of other startups that were targeting local business reviews. Of the three that we mentioned – Yelp, Judy’s Book and Insider Pages – only one, Yelp, remains in it’s original form. Judy’s Book changed its model to focus on coupons and deals, and Insider Pages sold for little more than the capital it originally raised to CitySearch.

The message above is all that remains of Zipingo. Without coming right out and saying it, the reason they’ve shut it down is that no one was apparently using it. Comscore wan’t tracking them at all (see Yelp v. Insider pages below).

Other startups, of course, are joing this space all the time. Google and Yahoo will take their pound of flesh, but upstarts like AskPoodle are giving it a shot as well.

Zipingo joins the TechCrunch DeadPool.