Fat Nano™ Sized: Maybe It's Just Big Form-Factored?

fatnanosized.jpgSo exactly how big is the new Fat Nano™ going to be? According to ClockSkew.com, who did a mathematical study of the leaked photos when juxtaposed with a 2nd Gen Nano, it should be exactly 3-inches tall. That’s a full half-inch shorter than the current Nano. It will also be 2.3-inches wide, which is almost an inch wider than the current device’s 1.6-inches.

Granted, this is speculation that assumes the clickwheel on both devices are the same size, but that’s a good bet. Another good bet is that the Empire knows we’re here, but that’s a different story.

For the total analysis, hit the link.

New iPod Nano Size Analysis [ClockSkew]