Spotted in Japan: Those Almost Floaty Speakers


I was browsing a Tokyo electronics store earlier today when I came across these odd-looking speakers. I spent a good 20 seconds staring at them, thinking “Where the hell have I seen these before?” Then the Ambien wore off and I remembered that I wrote about them right here a few months ago.



They sounded as good as your average small set of speakers can be expected to sound. Granted, I was trying to hear them over the racket coming over the loudspeaker and the incessant J-Pop that seems to permeate Tokyo’s air. I’m pretty sure I technically wasn’t allowed to snap these pictures—one of my colleagues here was apparently harassed by the Tokyo police for taking pictures outside a store—but I’m pretty sure that since I’m an American I’m above the law. I think they call that extraterritoriality.

Expect more hotness soon.