Phantom Entertainment Invading A Hotel Near You, Maybe


Oh Phantom Entertainment, try as you might to make us think you actually produce hardware, you go and sign with ProGames Network to bring your non-existent wireless lapboard and game service to a hotel near me, you, or anyone. How long have we been waiting for the illusive Phantom game console? Over a year and then you decided to downgrade to a lapboard that was supposed to ship sometime this year, which no one has seen. Here’s what Martin Gray, President and CEO of ProGames Network, had to say about the newly inked deal.

The Phantom® Wireless Lapboard and Phantom® Game Service content fit our goal of providing the most user-friendly and content-rich hotel amenities. Phantom Entertainment will help us deliver user friendly wireless technology and a content-rich catalogue of video games to the hospitality industry.

Want to know what Greg Koler, President and CEO of Phantom Entertainment, had to say?

We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to provide our Phantom Wireless Lapboard and Phantom Game Service content to Pro Games Network for placement in hotel rooms worldwide. We believe this opportunity will demonstrate that hotels and other location-based providers can offer video game entertainment as part of their marketing efforts.

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