Jhannet Sejas Pleads Guilty To Unlawful Recording Charges

Does everyone remember Jhannet Sejas? She was the teen who was arrested for ‘pirating’ 20 seconds of Transformers last month with her Canon PowerShot digital camera in a Virginia theater on her birthday. I think that most of you will agree that this is a ridiculous case altogether, but the MPAA had to make an example out of someone, so why not Jhannet? If she tried to fight the case she would have ended up in the slammer for a maximum of one year, but now she just has to cough up the $71 and be on her best behavior for the next year. If she doesn’t go around pirating other movies then her misdemeanor will be removed from her record. A whopping $71. That was totally worth the legal fees, wasn’t it?

According to Patrick Corcoran, a spokesman for the National Association of Theater Owners, 104 pimply faced douchebags theater employees have been rewarded $500 each for their contributions to end bootlegging. I’ll totally kick one of your asses if you come near me while I’m bootlegging. Seriously.

Teen Pleads Guilty in Rare Theater Filming Case [Wired]