Mobile Gaming on the Increase: Other Services Slide

continentalresearch.JPGContinental Research has released a survey that claims gaming services are on the increase in the mobile industry, while other services are on the decline. Service providers that push features like web browsing and video viewing may be selling products that mobile phone users don’t want.

Since last year, the number of people who accessed the internet on mobile phones declined by 2%. Ringtone providers have been hit even harder, seeing a decline of 6% in new downloads. Other services like mobile TV and subscription-based text services have seen a decline.

Two areas that have seen an increase over last year’s numbers are photo message and game downloading services. These have increase by a modest 1%.

A majority of those surveyed (68%) said they prefer more basic service that is cheap and easy to use. Only 25% were interested in stylish handsets and the latest mobile phone technology.

Before industry people start to panic, it is important to remember that this is just one survey conducted in one country that questioned just under a thousand mobile phone customers. Further research into mobile phone consumer trends is warranted so future bottom-lines are in the black.

New innovations and services are exciting but one thing has to be remembered: mobile phones are chiefly used to call people. Customers want clear connections at a low price. Each layer of service beyond this piles up greater costs. It isn’t long before a consumer realizes that a service like watching TV on a tiny screen with a limited battery life is a luxury that isn’t needed.

Continental Research