There’s a New Mobile Greeting Card Service for U.S.

americangreeting.jpgAG Interactive began a new e-card service today. Users can send e-cards via mobile phone over most U.S. wireless carriers. The innovative people at AG Interactive and Image Semantics have fine-tuned the e-cards so that they correspond to the parameters of the receiving device and destination carrier. This greatly increases the chance that full-color, animated greetings will be properly received.

During the initial launch, this service is free to all U.S. AmericanGreetings subscribers. And as we all know, free is good. Unfortunately, the receiver may get charged between 10 and 30 cents, depending on the receiver’s messaging plan.

Currently, twenty mobile e-cards utilize this service. But AG Interactive is working on new e-cards, some of which will be available for Halloween and Christmas greetings.

American Greetings Mobile