Moto RAZR2 Debuts On Verizon Wireless: Such A Powerful LCD


The much-hyped Motorola RAZR2 debuts on Verizon Wireless today. It will come with all the focus group-tested VZW features that I never use like V-Cast music downloads and VZ Navigator GPS. So the service is as you’d expect from Verizon. Here that means the best call quality out of all the major carriers, but you do have to put up with VZW’s habit of crippling phones.

The RAZR2, on the other hand, was just fine when Peter and I played around with one a few weeks ago. The front, touch-sensitive LCD controls pretty much every function the phone has to offer: make calls, play music, etc. I even joked at the event that the RAZR3 will just be an LCD panel, what with all the things you can control from it with the RAZR2. Yup, I’m a zero.

Other than that, it’s got everything a mass market phone like this should have: A2DP Bluetooth so you can listen to music on Bluetooth headphone, a 2-megapixel camera (I guess we can finally say goodbye to 1.3-megapixel cameras)…

She’s $300 with a two-year contract, which is sorta pricey. But being the first kid on the block with the hot new RAZR isn’t free.

Oh, and Gallagher was at that Moto event. Yes, that Gallagher. Go figure.


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