NME Brings World of Music to Handsets

nme.jpgChances are if you remember the “shoe gazer” bands of the 1990s, followed the rise and fall of the Happy Mondays or just like to read what’s happening with “dead-man walking rock star” Pete Doherty, you know these three little letters: N – M – E. The British music magazine has been making and breaking news on the U.K. music scene for decades, and now you can have it all on your mobile handset. IPC Ignite announced this week the launch of NME Mobile. The publisher is working with Saffron Digital to develop the site.

“NME is a widely respected and recognised brand,” says publisher Emily Hutchings. “Its recent refresh sees even more interaction with readers and the website, www.nme.com, has also enjoyed fantastic success this year with a record-breaking day of traffic following the Glastonbury festival. Now, by taking the brand mobile, NME will be everywhere it needs to be for fast-moving music fans.”

NME Mobile is available via any WAP-enabled mobile phone; users can access the site by simply texting the word NME to 63456. The site features live news updates and photography of iconic rockers (or just has-beens like Pete Doherty), along with wallpapers, music blogs, realtones and even music tracks to download. The enemy of NME is no friend of mine!