A Billion Mobile Ads Served

admob.jpgAll that’s missing is the golden arches: “Over 1 Billion Served.” Except this isn’t hamburgers, this is mobile ads and that’s the monthly figure. AdMob announced that it had served up more than five billion targeted ads since its launch in December of last year, and that one billion of those ads were in July alone.

AdMob’s growth is a testament to the growth of the mobile internet and proof that advertising business models are viable in mobile.,” said CEO Omar Hamoui. “Mobile is a unique environment with new challenges and we are proud to work with our publishers and advertisers to unlock the enormous opportunity in mobile marketing.”

The top markets by ads served, as reported by AdMob were the United States (with 45 percent of all impressions), followed by South Africa, the U.K., India, Germany, Australia and Israel.

And the 5 billionth ad served: this was served on August 1 for EA Sport’s NCAA Football 08, wand it was seen on AdMob publisher “CBS Sportsline” by an AT&T subscriber using a Motorola RAZR v3. If only McDonalds could have somehow tracked all those hamburgers.