We Love the Idea of Opera Mini on Helio's Ocean


We love it when a device has an enthusiastic following. We love it more when that following comes up with badass ways to hack said device. And we love it when said enthusiastic following hacks said favored device and the results are fantastic.

We love the Ocean by Helio, one of the most amazing and overlooked handsets on the market. If you haven’t seriously looked at this thing yet, you should.

We love Opera Mini, short of the iPhone’s implementation of Safari, it’s the best mobile Web browser, hands down.

And now we love the hacking community at Heliocity, as they’ve bunged up a way to run Opera Mini on the Helio Ocean. It’s not official, and certain things don’t yet work (for example, the install doesn’t take advantage of the Ocean’s QWERTY love, which sucks), but it’s a proof-of-concept as much as anything.

And besides giving choice in how users browse the Web, this opens up Helio’s excellent handsets to other custom apps, which is an exciting prospect, and really makes a device like the Ocean a no-brainer.

Opera Mini for Everybody! Custom Apps! yay! [Heliocity]