Holes in iPhone Security Patched

iPhonebandaid.jpgIt seems that some Apple users like to point out that their rivals always seem to have security holes? So what do those Apple users have to say now? This week Apple Inc. issued a software patch for the newly released iPhone to address a few small security holes. This software update was released late Tuesday, and it addressed the security issues as well as few bugs. It also is meant to fix the flaw that could have allowed hackers to take control of the multimedia cell phone to spread spam or steal data if the owner visited a hi-jacked Web site or Wi-Fi hotspot.

The thing is that this isn’t surprising. New operating systems and devices are going to have holes, and there will always be patches. But as a non-Apple user (no Mac, no iPhone, no iPod in my home) I’m not happy to hear there are holes. That’s not good for anyone. But I am happy whenever holes are patched. So rather than make fun of any company’s efforts to plug holes, we should be happy they found it for too many of the bad guys.

[Via AP]