StyleMob: For Women Who Like Clothes

stylemob1.jpg“Street style community” StyleMob will go public Thursday with a product that is part Hot or Not, part fashion magazine and part MySpace.

Like Hot or Not, StyleMob encourages users to upload photos to be scored by other users. The concept is that users share their fashions with other users, be that store clothing, created clothing or a combination therein.

StyleMob also takes on aspects of social networking sites such as MySpace. Users have profiles, comment walls and friends. StyleMob members can post advice questions (examples provided include “Should I keep plucking my eyebrows?” or “What should I wear to my interview?”) to their own personal “StyleCouncil”, a team of personal stylists made up of friends and Specialists they find on StyleMob.

Co-founder Sasha Cagen describes StyleMob in a way that I can’t possibly do as a man, “Our early members tell us StyleMob is more than a website, it’s a mindset and a way of life. StyleMob is about injecting creativity into getting dressed every morning. It’s about getting inspiration from other people whose taste and budgets match their own.”

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