Couch Swapping Comes To Facebook

couchswap.jpgSocial travel network TripUp has announced the launch of CouchSwap, a new social travel application developed specifically for Facebook.

CouchSwap gives Facebook users the ability to offer their couches to friends and other travellers, as well as being able to find available couches offered up by other members.

CouchSwap features include a ratings service that allows users to rate couches like a hotel room, and a credit system for swapping couches. Users must offer a couch in order to take advantage of other people’s couches; a Bartercard style system of sorts for cheap accommodation.

CouchSwap will compete directly with the Couch Surfing Project, a stand alone site that has over 270,000 members.

Counchswap’s parent company TripUp was acquired by Sidestep July 9.