AT&T Launches eMusic Mobile

Some music fans will rejoice as they flip open their AT&T phones this morning. AT&T is now offering DRM-free tracks from eMusic in MP3 format, meaning for once, you can actually download tracks on your phone and eventually transfer them to your PC. In addition to the non-DRM goodness, you’ll also find the largest selection of music downloads offered by a mobile carrier with over 2.7 million songs available for purchase.

However, tracks aren’t a peachy 99-cents per download. You’ll have to purchase five-packs of downloads for $7.49 per pack. To top it off, only a few phones currently run the custom app required to browse eMusic. If you have a Samsung A717, Samsung A727, Nokia N75, or Samsung Sync, then you’re in the clear. Otherwise, hit the PC and bust out that USB cable.

AT&T launches DRM-free eMusic Mobile [Electronista]