HD DVD Camps Scoffs At Target's Backing of Sony Blu-ray Player


If you’re playing at home, you know that Target, the world’s biggest retailer named Target, backed Sony’s Blu-ray disc format last week (well, sorta), causing wannabe pundits to proclaim for the 900th time that Blu-ray is the winner of the current format war. (The winner is whoever wins the race to be affordable to the Average Joe.) The HD DVD camp certainly doesn’t think Blu-ray has won anything, much less the “war.” Citing the fact that HD DVD players are also found in Best Buy, Circuit City and Wal-Mart (the only one that matters), a co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group said that Sony’s entry into Target isn’t a cause for alarm. Besides, Target will continue to sell both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies.

Another small matter I’d like to address: that of the porn industry. It’s said ad infinitum around the Web that whatever disc format the pron industry backs will be the winner, citing VHS and Betamax. Um, yeah… no. Porn’s backing of VHS was only significant because it marked the first time that consumers were able to bring the wonders of porn into the privacy of their homes. Now with the Internet, viewing porn is dangerously easy. Whether or not the industry backs one of the other is less important this time around simply because consumers have infinitely more choices.

And who the hell wants to see porn in high-def? Yeeessshhhh.

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