Using Second Life and a Wiimote For Job Training

They’re training to be Power Rangers

Not a week goes by that there’s not a Second Life story to hate on. This Friday edition of “Second Life is really, really, really stupid” brings us news that an MIT researcher is using the “game” and the Wiimote to create training simulators for various companies. (Incidentally, the researcher, one David E. Stone, called the Wiimote a “significant” scientific breakthrough.) A variety of industry folk have taken to the system, partially because it costs nearly nothing to implement. How safe I’d feel knowing that nuclear technicians are using a Wiimote to learn how to handle control rods and the like is up for debate.

But yeah, bottom line is, companies don’t like spending money. Using Second Life makes sense in that it costs nearly nothing and for early stage training (“This is a door. By turning the knob, you can open and/or close it.) they could do much worse.

They could hire any one of us here, for instance.

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