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cdma2000.jpgCDMA2000 dominates the North American 3G wireless telecommunications market. That’s the official word form the CDMA Development Group (CDG), which announced that there are more than 135 million 3G subscribers in North America, and more than 22 percent of those use EV-DO mobile broadband devices.

“CDMA2000’s strong growth in North America validates the technology’s powerful and robust evolution path,” said Perry LaForge, executive director for the CDG. “Its superior performance, utility and reliability have made it the overwhelming choice for subscribers who demand substantial value — in other words, it is the best solution at the most affordable price.”

The two leading CDMA carriers, as of March 2007, were Sprint and Verizon, while rural operators including Embarg and Metro PCS.

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  • http://www.techticles.com Milo

    What’s the value in this? So many products from Collaboration platforms, business intelligence, enterprise integration are deeply embedded in the enterprise already.

    When does using this technology fit? A whole lot of migration, learning curve, redirection. It’s going to be an uphill enterprise battle.

  • Mark

    Er, this is just Complex Event Programming. People like Streambase, Apama etc already offer a SQL-like language with time-based functions.

  • http://www.bandb.blogspot.com/ Richard Taylor

    There have been, and continue to be many start-ups in the space of streaming databases. An early one CeleQuest was bought Cognos a few years ago. iSpheres came and went. Still going are Coral8, Truviso and SQLstream. These are all Bay area start-ups that we have hosted at SDForum Business Intelligence SIG meetings. SQLstream stands out by making the broadest claims as to what a streaming database can do.

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