iPhone Nano Supposedly Real, Only It Doesn't Have Touch Screen. Sure…


Apparently Bob Woodward now works as a gadget blogger. Unwired View insists that the iPhone nano is real. It also insists that the iPhone nano won’t—repeat, WON’T—have a touch screen. Super. Why would Apple remove the iPhone’s only killer app? It’s not like people are flocking to the iPhone because AT&T has such a wonderful cellular network. (Or maybe AT&T just stinks in New York?) Either way, the View says that, when JP Morgan said it couldn’t confirm the availability of the iPhone nano, it wasn’t a retraction of its earlier story saying, “Sure, the iPhone nano might come out one day.” Terrific.

I guess I just don’t “buy” that Apple would release an iPhone without its much vaunted touch screen. That’s like releasing the Xbox 360 without the ability to play video games; you can only stream your pics and video to it. It seems silly, IMO.

iPhone Nano Is Real [Unwired View]