ABC Launches HD Streaming Beta

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Those of you who are keen to watch Lost or Grey’s Anatomy know ABC has been kind. For over a year now, ABC has let users stream episodes of all the hit primetime shows for free via a flash-based video player. Though it’s fantastic, a lot of users probably wanted to start jumping on the HD-bandwagon. ABC listened and is now offering users a beta of its video service in HD.

Got a 1024×768 resolution or higher? Broadband? OK then. Normally you’d just fire up a web player and sink into your chair, but ABC requires you to install a player from Move Networks. Sorry ABC, but myself and pretty much every Mac user just isn’t down with the third-party software. Call us when you figure out how to do it over a web browser. In the meantime, those of you who are qualified can check the beta out here. Launches HD Streaming (in Beta) [Business 2.0]

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