Jaxtr Posts Some Big Numbers, But Not Because of Social Networking Sites

jaxtr_logo.jpgVOIP calling service Jaxtr just celebrated doubling their previous number of registered users to in the past 27 days, totaling 500,000 users. Jaxtr doubled its membership since launch back in March, now adding over 12,000 users a day. More than 800,000 people have used the service to make calls since they launched.

Jaxtr isn’t like other VOIP companies which seek to replace your current phone. It’s a phone service intended to connect you with acquaintances cheaply over a VOIP line without giving up your phone number. It’s similar to Jangl. They have an embeddable widget we’ve written about before, so you think they would be big on social networks. However, over half of their growth comes from sources outside of social networks like Facebook and MySpace. For the record, though, Facebook and their new platform has been growing better than MySpace.

CEO Konstantin Guericke cites the greatest growth for Jaxtr came from blogs and a call me link placed in people’s email signature. The viral nature of an email signature turned out to be a good method of spreading the service. Business users tend not to be signed on to social networks all day, but instead send a lot of emails where having a generic method of fielding calls from strangers makes sense.

International expansion has also been important to Jaxtr. Half of their users live in either the US, India, or China. The other half live in the rest of the 52 countries they cover. Eighteen of those were announced today.