AT&T Video Share Service Now Live

You’ll be able to stream bitchin’ videos like this while on the phone with your buddies

If you’re an AT&T user and are lucky enough to live in one of the 160 selected markets chosen as a test ground, you’ll find you can now use AT&T’s new video share service. The service allows you to stream video from one phone to another during a phone call, meaning you can show Tiffany that new pair of Jimmy Choos you just saw in the store window. Barry Bonds about to hit #755? Stream the pitch to your buddy who couldn’t make the game.

The service sounds like an actual useful feature, something that has become rare nowadays in the world of wireless. For the service to operate, you and your buddy will need 3G-enabled phones with 3G service. Video comes cheap after all though. 60 minutes will set you back $9.99 while 25 minutes of usage will only set you back $4.99. If al a carte is your thing, be prepared to be done up the butt at the cost of 35 cents a minute.

AT&T’s Video Share Service Goes Live [Phone Scoop]