BazaarVoice Gets Walmart Deal

Walmart finally added user comments and reviews to its website. Reuters covered the news today, which was picked up by major media. In those articles, Walmart CMO Cathy Halligan said reviews and comments were “the No. 1 customer-requested feature.”

What this article didn’t mention is that Austin-based Bazaarvoice, a company I covered just over a year ago, is the technology and service behind Walmart’s new features.

Like Aggregate Knowledge and Loomia, Bazaarvoice provides services to ecommerce sites that they may not be able to, or want to, build themselves. But where Aggregate Knowledge and Loomia provide recommendations, BazaarVoice offers user generated content features like comments, ratings and reviews.

Getting such a large etailer is a major milestone for them. BazaarVoice isn’t the sexiest startup, but it has a real revenue model and is clearly seeing some success. It was funded by First Round Capital and Tom Ball at Austin Ventures.

See our coverage of Buzzillions as well, a BazaarVoice competitor (albeit targeting smaller ecommerce sites).