Toshiba Recalls 10,000 Sony-made Batteries


About 5 years ago I was cruising along the information superhighway, minding my own business, when all of a sudden my monitor made a sharp popping sound and shot a small to medium-sized flame out the top. I was frightened, but unharmed.

Reading these posts and articles about laptop batteries exploding makes me wonder about how I would have felt lo those many years ago if my monitor had been in my lap or, worse yet, not a monitor but a laptop (monitors don’t belong in laps).

The monitor explosion just made me feel scared, but had it been a laptop explosion, I would have felt scared, pained, burned, angry, and above all, litigious. Trying to avoid an incident like this, Toshiba has recalled 10,000 Sony-made laptop batteries after three of its laptops (that use Sony batteries) burst into flames. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, and it’s not expected to cost Sony all that much to replace the dangerous batteries. It’d probably cost Sony a lot more to replace someone’s crotch.

Toshiba Recalls More Sony PC Batteries []