Live 22: Who Wants to Call People When You Can TXT Microwaves?


No, not Live Earth or Live ‘Gear (our upcoming benefit concert), but Live 22, a new way of thinking about and using cellphones. The basic premise relies upon your utter disdain for calling people. Calling another person is but one of the concept’s three modes. The second mode is one in which you call actual inanimate objects like TVs, laptops and coffee pots. It’s more like a text message thing than an actual call. Useful, I suppose, if you want to, say, break up with your girlfriend but don’t want to see her nor listen to her shrill voice. Send a massive text to her house; she’ll get the message.

The third and final mode lets you remotely see what’s going on. Spying has now become 21st century all over again.

No, we’ll never see Live 22 on this planet anytime soon. I just thought the underlying idea was “neat,” as my homies say.

Live 22 Lets You Call Objects Too [Yanko Design]