Before and After, PSP Edition: Slim vs. Fatso


Can you handle even more pics of the new and improved Sony PSP? Can you handle comparison shots between the PSP Fat and the PSP Slim? I actually just went into cardiac arrest checking out the side by side pictures of the two systems. The two more or less look the same, but the Slim is shinier than the Fat as well as “more roundie” as GamePro put it. Like Hickey pointed out, it’s basically the current PSP we all know and… well, not love, but the PSP we all use to play PS1 games on. (I’m currently finishing up Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on my PSP. Thanks, open firmware!)



The Slim is said to be more “fuel efficient” than its Fatso predecessor. As long as it last more than 40 minutes, then yes, yes it will be more “fuel efficient.”

So yeah, not nearly as impressive as the jump from the Nintendo DS to the DS Lite.

Pictures: PSP Fat vs. PSP Slim [GamePro]