Another Online Presentation Solution…zzzzzz

The trend towards moving Office documents online for collaboration and remote viewing continues unabated. There’s still no dominant challenger to recently acquired WebEx – everyone knows how to use it and so people keep using it. But a new startup pops up almost weekly that addresses this market.

Slidelive is this week’s entrant – a not bad browser-based free WebEx competitor in beta. Presentations can be easily uploaded and conference calls scheduled to review them. Not many bells and whistles, but for many people it will get the job done.

It joins Zoho Show, Zentation, TeamSlide and Scribd in allowing uploading of powerpoint presentations (some of these also have tools to create presentations, access control, and other features as well). Google will launch their own product shortly. And there are also at least two WebEx competitors we’ve covered in the past – DimDim (open source) an 1VideoConference.

So there’s always room for one more, but the space is over crowded and it’s unlikely Slidelive is going to get much traction. Try it out if you are looking for something that helps you schedule meetings around a presentation, including access control, etc. It may be useful for you.