Pogue on HotSpot@Home: It's Cool


I’ve been using T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home from Poland this week and I can honestly say that the service is a lifesaver if you’re a frequent pond-hopper. David Pogue tends to agree, saying that T-Mobile is CRAZY for doing this but has some good reasons.

Because T-Mobile benefits, too. Let’s face it: T-Mobile’s cellular network is not on par with, say, Verizon’s. But improving its network means spending millions of dollars on new cell towers. It’s far less expensive just to hand out free home routers.

Some have said that this is a ploy to get us to handle the cellular backhaul necessary to build-out a wireless network. I’m fine with paying a few bucks extra, though, if I get improved voice service at home and some nice bonus features when I’m traveling.

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