Trendmill: Clothes Darling, Clothes!

respectance.pngKeeping with this weeks evolving theme of niche social networking sites comes Trendmill, a social networking destination for lovers of clothes.

Trendmill allows users to upload images of their own clothes or clothes they wish they owned. Members are able to “tip people off” on what they think is hot, vote on other people’s clothes and collaboratively “give a general sense of what the next big trend in fashion is going to be”.
Trendmill also provides the usual features expected from a social networking site, including messaging, publishing articles (blogging) and connecting with friends (“entourage”).

TrendMill competes in the same space as StyleDiary, ShareYourLook and ShoutFit (see our December review of all 3). Unlike some competitors, TrendMill is strictly a social networking play and it shows through a stylish interface and a haute couture of user sites. Clothes may make the man but they won’t on many reading this, so it is a site that’s not for everyone. However if you take your Versace and YSL seriously, you will probably like Trendmill.