Motorola Zante aka Sidekick Slide aka Sucks


Gizmodo has the scoop on the latest Sidekick, but there are a few glaring indicators that this could all be a sham. Let’s see if you can spot them. If this is all true and accurate then I hate to say it, but the latest Sidekick does absolutely nothing for me and I’m sure it won’t do much for you either. Sure, the outside is all shiny and sleek looking with a black and purple color scheme, but the innards don’t impress me one bit. The Q900 is looking at an October launch, but I highly doubt this is the true Sidekick Slide/4/Zante. Point out all the inaccuracies and I’ll see what’s laying around as a prize. Deal?



Motorola Zante Looks Even Shinier than You Know Who, Also Runs on EDGE [Gizza]