MobilePet myPhone: Virtual Pets For the iPhone

cellufun.jpgMobile gaming portal Cellufun has launched its newest game, “MobilePet myPhone”, a virtual pet game for the iPhone and other mobile phone users.

MobilePet myPhone allows users to care for, play with and feed a virtual pet. Users must keep the virtual pet from getting sick, from feeling neglected and must “avoid visits to the virtual computer store for repair”. MobilePet myPhone users are able to download music from Cellufun’s catalog of artists to entertain their pet. Additionally, users can earn points when their friends visit their pet on their own phones, as well as by successfully caring for their pet; scores are compared with other members in the same gaming community for a place on a scoreboard.

The game is WAP based and ad-supported, delivering a free service that requires no download.

The success of Tamagotchi’s and Nintendo’s Nintendogs would indicate that virtual pet games are wildly popular. Bringing the craze to the iPhone would seem like a logical step.