Robert Scoble: Live Video-Blogging and First in Line for iPhone

If you’re waiting in line for iPhone and you’re feeling like a total loser, you’re not. Blogstar Robert Scoble is with you, camped out in front of the Apple store in Palo Alto, hoping to be the first to get his hands on the Thing. But that’s not the fun part. What’s cool is he’s live video-blogging from the line, and uploading as he can. If you wanna see what other line-sitters are dealing with (comfortable weather, friendly co-fanboys), then have a look at his Kyte.TV account and drink it all in.

Can you smell the iPhone coming? It’s almost here, man. You know we’re going to be all over it tomorrow. We’ve made sure that all of us here are under curfew tonight, and Vince’s parole officer will make sure he’s up early tomorrow for the big day. Join us, won’t you?

Scoble’s Kyte TV [via Josh at Online Video Service]