Dreamcrowd Tracks Dreams

dreamcrowd.jpgLos Angeles based Dreamcrowd wants’ you to share your dreams on its dream sharing community.

Users post their dreams in a similar fashion to a blog or bookmarking site. Other users can then assess the meaning of your dream and the “dreamopedia” automatically provides analysis based on key words from your dream; for example the word kill gives a result of “To dream of manslaughter, signifies fear and scandal.”

Dreamcrowd as a concept comes from wide left field, and yet in the age of Lifecasting it won’t surprise many people; why stop at streaming your waking hours to the web when you can now share your sleeping hours as well. There is something slightly creepy about reading other people’s dreams; is nothing safe from our increasingly voyeuristic society? On the other hand, if you’ve ever wanted your dreams psychoanalysed without the need for a $300 an hour shrink appointment then Dreamcrowd is for you. It’s only a matter of time until someone posts “every night I dream that my startup is acquired by Google”; I wonder what the dreamopedia will make of that?