Spore About To Become Vaporware

‘Tis a shame, but it’s nothing new in the software industry. Will Wright’s highly-anticipated Spore has now been postponed yet again and is looking like it’ll never be released to the awaiting world. Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, says that game has now gone from fiscal year ’08 to fiscal year ’09, essentially meaning that the game has no release date in sight.

With no release date and continued speculation that the game will continued to be delayed, it’s starting to look like Spore will never see store shelves. This strikes me as odd, considering that a working version of the game exists (it was shown off at E3 a while back). Unless the team is working on console versions as well, I don’t really see us ever getting the chance to rock out as a spiked lizard in a spaceship.

Spore Slip Sliding Away [Kotaku]