iPhone To Have Extensive Battery Life?

Looks like Apple is really making a huge gamble on the iPhone. The Cupertino-based company just upped the ante on the iPhone by claiming its battery will provide up to eight hours of talk time. Previously, Apple said that the iPhone would only have around five hours of talk time, making this a welcome announcement to all potential owners. Jobs also says that the iPhone will get 24 hours of audio playback time, seven hours of video playback, or six hours of Internet use. Guess that GPRS connection really drains the battery.

Also announced was that the iPhone would have a glass surface. Instead of plastic, Apple decided to give the iPhone a layer of strong glass from end to end. Dubbed as “optical-quality” glass, Apple says it will help keep the iPhone scratch-resistant. All that’s left now is to wait 11 days until Jesus is reborn as a phone it launches. Can you take the excitement?

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