Fotolia Version 2: API + Vector Files

fotolia.pngDigital stock image marketplace Fotolia have launched Fotolia V2, a new version that offers performance enhancements as well as two new features: a public API and the ability to distribute vector files.

The new version of Fotolia sees complete redesign that is said to boost stability, speed and enhance the user experience, as well as providing improved support for global standards and non-English languages.

Fotolia’s new public API makes it possible for developers to integrate Fotolia in to their applications or products. The company already has numerous partners for the program building applications including plug-ins, add-ons and widgets.

SVG vector support gives Fotolia an edge over many of its competitors by supporting a format that continues to grow in popularity due to its ability to be resized on any scale without quality loss.

Fotolia was already a well rounded stock photography site. The new version makes the overall package more appealing.