Blockbluster Bravely Backs Blu-ray

Aw, snap! Looks like Blu-ray is beginning to honestly win the format war. With Toshiba sucking and Sony grinning, it’s only a matter of time before the format takes over as the next-generation optical format. Now Blockbuster is choosing sides and the company seems to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD.

Blockbuster just announced it would begin carrying more high-def discs in 1700 stores by mid-July. According to reports, Blockbuster is saying that Blu-ray is “significantly outpacing HD DVD rentals”, which could possibly lead to the pulling of HD DVDs off its shelves. For now though, Blockbuster online rental subscribers can still get their fix of both Blu-ray and HD DVD. I doubt this war will continue on for long with a big company like Blockbuster behind it. Unless HD DVD seriously pulls out some big guns, it’s only a matter of time before it fades away like Betamax.

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