HeyCosmo: Webcams Meet Group Collaboration

hc.jpgHeyCosmo, a new online video community from Mountain View, CA based Arsenal Interactive launches today with a well rounded package that blends web cam interaction with group collaboration tools

With HeyCosmo, users are able create “channels” that can include up to 10 live web-cam video participants in a group discussion. Additionally up to 50 people can listen, watch, and chat during the session on top of the 10 core participants. HeyCosmo’s technology also provides individuals and businesses monetization options for their content utilizing a fee for service model similar to Skype Prime.

The feature list for HeyCosmo is impressive, combining tradition web cam technology with virtual meeting space similar to WebEx and others; a multimedia window can display most things on a user’s desktop including videos, images and games.

Desktop presentation and sharing services tend to be more strongly focused on a business market and aren’t necessarily appealing to a broader personal consumer market. HeyCosmo delivers a more user friendly product that has the potential of building a new market for these sorts of applications.