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Joel‘s brief encounter with Spleak really split a few sides at CrunchGear HQ

Yesterday morning, I saw the names on my list, first thinking Spleak was a friend’s name (instead of their sn).

After messaging Prof Gilzot and Spleak, I tried again with Spleak. Apparently “hello” works better than “hi”. Acting like an uninhibited teenage boy, Spleak responded that my offer of sex was “disgusting”, although she did accept my virtual kisses (but added there’s someone else in her life).

Guess I’m not cool enough for MovieFone to add me, as they have not. So, maybe you do have something going for you.

I enjoyed your review and wrote one myself. Take care.

webonics gave us a brief look into what he thought of the JobsNote

I usually love the WWDC keynotes, but this year’s was pretty weak on substance. Leopard is pretty awesome from a visual perspective, but many of the same features were in last year’s keynote. And many of the features are already in other OS but not nearly as pretty.

The Safari 3 and Safari for Windows was a poor topic choice.

I think the iPhone is pretty awesome but its [publicity] everywhere now. The bar of expectations just gets higher with more publicity so its going to be so much more critical to deliver on those expectations. I’m a bit iPhoned out for now.

We really should have seen some new hardware…new iMacs…what’s happening to the Mini…widescreen video iPods. While the iPhone is still considered a “new” device, the announcement was made back in January and there are going to be only a limited people that can get there hands on one or even afford it. So what other wares does Apple have up its sleeve for the rest of us?

And last but not least, Jon — a dedicated reader and responder — had this to say about the Sony viral marketing campaign. We agree.

Let me guess, the blue lasers represent the color of the ray and the wolves content? Regardless, not long enough nor cool enough to spread virally in my opinion… you would think owning a huge animation and production studio would allow them to create something really cool for a 10 second shot.


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