Oral-B Triumph With SmartGuide Wirelessly Guides Your Smile

Feeling like your bathroom needs a wireless upgrade? The new Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide features a sink-top LCD display that wirelessly guides your brushing. It clocks you to make sure you are moving your bristles long enough, and makes sure you get each “quadrant” of your mouth equally clean. Older Triumph models have featured the same basic built-in guides, but they were unstrategically placed on the brush handle (try reading that while the head is in your mouth.) The neatest part: If you like to stroll around while brushing and happen to walk out of range, it instantly picks up on what it missed when you get back to the sink. I just got one of these so I’m going to give it a spin and report back, so a full hands-on will be coming soon.

It comes out “very soon” and will retail for about $150.