PSP Firmware Updated to 3.5, Can Now Remotely View PS3 Content


Sony’s released PSP firmware 3.5 in Japan, which lets users remotely access their PS3 content. As long as it’s connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, the PSP will be able to view all the videos, music and pictures found on the PS3. Last week‘s PS3 firmware update made this all possible.

Finally, a decent utilization of the PSP hardware, which until now really hasn’t lived up to its potential. Obtaining a PS3 will still require you to reconfigure your debt, but it’s this type of “synergy” (shoot me) that Sony should be pimping if it wants the PS3 to succeed and the PSP to come back to life.

Now bring on the OE version.

Update Info [Sony Japan via PSP Firmware Version 3.50 Available]