Dork Sells Star-Trek Themed Pad For Mucho Loot

Face it. Loving Star Trek is about as dorky as a dork can get. But one Star Trek fan had the last laugh when he sold his one bedroom flat for more than five times the market value. Tony Alleyne sold his home that he transformed into the deck of the starship Voyager for a staggering $843,242 or £425,000.

As you would imagine, transforming your bachelor pad into a flight deck is not an easy (or cheap) task. Tony spent nearly £30,000 and eight-hours a day for two years working on the project. When completed, he went and did what any shrewd businessman would do: he sold it on eBay. Tony hasn’t announced his next project, but a Pirate-themed home would be pretty badass to say the least.

Star Trek fan soldly goes… [MAKE]