Zune *This Close* To Working on Windows Media Player 11


The Microsoft Zune uses proprietary software to manage music, software that several folks out there in radio land don’t necessarily enjoy using. The ultimate goal is to be able to fully use the Zune with Windows Media Player 11 and, slowly but surely, indie coders are approaching this goal. A user on the Zunerama forums, ronaldmonster, is so, so close to getting WMP to recognize his Zune. All that’s left is convincing WMP to sync with the Zune, something that’s proving to be more difficult than Zune fans would like to hear. Keep up the faith, sirs, for it’s only a matter of time till you can use your portable media player of choice on WMP.

Just think how ticked off people would be if the iPod used something other than iTunes to transfer songs. I’m sure Microsoft has it reasons, though.

I’m like 90% of the way there, but I got WMP 11 to reconize the Zune. [Zunerama Forums via Zuunerama]