The 7 Best Religious Gadgets


You know those people who find the face of Jesus in their grilled cheese sandwich and sell the holy melt on eBay for $20,000? Well here’s your chance to hit the big time in the religious pizza market. Bake a pie using this pan and every bite will be a religious experience.


Megavoice (aka… The GodPod)

Low-cost, low-capacity digital audio players that come preloaded with audiobooks are nothing new, but have mostly been limited to digitally-inept people looking to hear The Da Vinci Code. The “GodPod,” as calls this player, is aimed squarely at bringing digital Jesus to the developing world — it’s solar-powered, meaning the prayerful will no longer have to choose between clean water and batteries to power the word of the Lord.

[via Ship of Fools]

Armor of God PJs
I suppose what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is your own business, even if it involves pretending to be a strong warrior of God will sporting a morning flaming sword of divine wrath.

[Armor of God]

Passion of Christ Glow T-Shirt

To some people, Passion of the Christ may have been an excuse to get their parents to take them an ultraviolent R-rated movie. But to others, it’s much more than that — it’s also an excuse to push crappy merchandise on consumers. Keep this Passion-influenced shirt by a light source for a few minutes and it’ll burn brightly all night long. Amen.


Time for the Word Clock

The Bible is full of inspirational quotes, but actually reading them requires opening up a book, looking for a good quote, and remembering it. That’s where this clock comes in — every hour it pops up one of 380 pre-selected, ultra-inspirational bible verses. Think of it as a biblical best-of.

[via Ship of Fools]

Scientology E-Meter

Tom Cruise’s favorite gadget measures your stress levels and finds flaws in your personality at mall and subway-based kiosks around the world. Just hook up your hands, fill out a questionnaire, and a nice-looking graph shows you all your character flaws. The final two entries in the “See Also” section on the device’s Wikipedia entry say it all: “Pseudoscience, Quackery.”

[Wikipedia Entry]
Operation Clambake

Convert to Judiasm Instantly Spray

I tried — it doesn’t work. I still really like bacon.