Phozi: Bringing a Photo Booth Experience to MySpace

phozi.pngPhozi is an image hosting service that offers a Japanese style photo booth experience to the online MySpace generation.

Online image hosting is far from new. It’s a crowded market place with not a lot differenting one service to another. Phozi hosted photos that can be displayed on MySpace and all the usual social networking and blogging services. Photos can be uploaded directly or can be taken via Webcam or Mobile Phone.

Phozi differs in what if offers in terms of editing the uploaded image. Phozi offers a variety of tools to customize each image. Users can add borders, stamps and free form text to an image, which from accounts is similar in functionality to a Japanese photo booth.

It’s not without competitors. Cameroid offers similar online functionality and WebCamGreetings offers it through software with a web cam focus. What I liked about Phozi was the simplicity of it. Choices are provided around the image and there is a zero learning curve. Registration is not required.

The best word I can find to describe Phozi is cute. It’s not going to appeal to everyone, but OMG lol 16 year old girls are going to love it.