Criticize How Much It Costs To Run Vista Decently and Get Beaten Up By Readers


If you don’t have anything nice to say about Windows Vista then don’t bother writing about it. That’s the general consensus on a certain post on eWeek’s Microsoft Watch. One of the writers over there recounted a story in which his sister bought a Sony Vaio laptop with Vista installed that had a Windows Experience Index score of 3.3—considering the laptop cost $1,500, shouldn’t the score be a little higher? As it turns out, the graphics card memory was responsible for the low score. His main point: buying a Vista PC shouldn’t have to be a $2,000+ affair.

And that’s when the fanboys tore him apart.

Again, his main point was just that machines that play nice with Vista shouldn’t cost as much as they do. Then many of the commenters viciously attacked his character. Think, “Dude, you clearly hate Microsoft, so why don’t you go go work for Apple.” So because he voiced his opinion on how Vista might improve, he’s gutted. Heaven forbid you try to be critical.

How Does Windows Vista Rate? [eWeek Microsoft Watch]