Next New Networks Building Micro Television Networks

nexnewnetworks.pngNext New Networks is an online media company with big plans for “micro television networks”.

The New York based company launched in January with $8 million in funding from Spark Capital.

The team behind the service is impressive. There are five founders of the company, Herb Scannell, Fred Seibert, Jed Simmons, Tim Shey and Emil Rensing. CEO Scannell is the former President of Nickelodeon Networks and Vice-Chairman of Viacom’s MTV. Seibert was the original creative director of MTV and a former president of Hanna-Barbera, Simmons a former senior executive at Excite and Turner Broadcasting. Shey cofounded and ran interactive agency Proteus and more recently produced Amanda Across America, Amanda Congdon’s post Rocketboom video blogging project. Rensing was an engineer at AOL before co-founding Frederator Studios.

Next New Networks aims to build internet based “micro television networks” for targeted niche communities. The concept brings together elements of traditional TV networks with Internet functionality that invites viewers to contribute, share and distribute content.

Next New Network’s PR spokesperson Brooke Hammerling shared the following description of a micro-network as the company sees it:

“[micro-networks are] a brand that lives on the internet and creates a relationship with its audience wherever it goes. In practical terms, every network of [Next New Networks] will have one or more shows, 3-11 minutes of programming, on a weekly or daily basis, a website, and a feed that can be subscribed to in places like iTunes or My Yahoo. Many may also have a Channel or homepage on sites like YouTube. You can go to any of those places and get every episode of the networks’ shows when and how you want them”.

Think Weblogs Inc meets video blogging with an everywhere distribution model.

Next New Networks has already launched 9 micro-networks with a plan to expand that number to 30:

Indy Mogul: a the network dedicated to DIY filmmakers and film lovers.

Channel Frederator: billed as the world’s original cartoon podcast, it serves the funniest cartoons sent in by viewers each week.

Fast Lane Daily: a car news network providing 5 minutes of fresh car news every day.

Pulp Secret: “the world’s first network dedicated to comic book news and culture”. Includes comic book news, interviews and reviews.

ThreadBanger: targeted at people who make their own clothes and accessories. Includes DIY tips and how-to guides.

Veracifier: “Alternative channel” with “original ideas”, reporting and commentary on news of the day.

VOD Cars: promoted as the “#1 Broadband Car Network”. Features clips of driving, racing, showing, drifting, posing and more from viewers. One for rev-heads.

The company recently signed a distribution deal that will see 7 of the 9 channels appearing on

The content is niche targeted so it’s not going to appeal to everyone. However with $8million in funding and a wealth of industry experience, Next New Networks will be a company to watch in this space.