OrgPlus Live: Org Charts Aren't Boring!

It’s always a little weird when a stodgy-sounding task goes all Web 2.0. Case in point, creating organizational charts. Software vendor Human Concepts makes OrgPlus, the go-to app for such an activity and
OrgPlus Live is the new Web-based version of said software. Don’t think you need org charts? Well, maybe it’s just that you don’t know any better.

Of course some of the goals for creating an org chart is to get a visual idea of your company’s structure, building project teams and keeping track of everyone’s role and contact information as your organization changes. But org charts can be used for laying out projects, setting up a bookmaking operation a gentleman’s NCAA office pool, beer-pong tournament (thanks Lisa!) and even planning out teams for a sports league—basically anything that needs structure and order. Think Visio online.

OrgPlus Live brings the org-chart strengths from the Windows-based software (with pricing that starts at $189.95) and applies them to a Web-based version that can be used on any platform thanks to the miracles of Flash. Drag-and-drop creation, easy text input and field editing, a simple, intuitive interface, solid security, the ability to import existing data from Excel and more is now available for fees as low as $9.99 a month. It’s in beta (like the rest of the Internets), but in my brief time with it, things appear to be pretty stable. And if you still don’t see how useful it can be, I dare you to try it out for yourself—there’s a 14-day free trial with nothing to install or download.

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