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sprint.jpgMissed an episode of LOST? Well all is not lost. You could download it to your iPod, watch it on and soon you’ll be able to watch it on your. ABC, which was the first to offer their full-length episodes on Apple’s iTunes, and was one of the early supporters of Web-based replays is going mobile making shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty available on video-equipped Sprint Phones. USA Today is reporting that ABC will add 11 series to the new lineup, while the four most-recent episodes of each series can be viewed on demand. There is no extra charge to view these, which are included as part of a $20-a-month data package. According to USA Today the shows will include commercials, and it is unlikely that you’ll have the option to fast-forward.

Sprint, ABC dial in to television on the go [USA Today]

  • chris

    “It took a 60-person team and more than $10 million to build.” Wow … it must be really, really good then.

    I can understand the argument that many companies aren’t ready to give up their mail servers but does the world really need another desktop main client with no mac version?

    IMO – email clients are as redundant floppy disks – some people still use ’em while the rest of us just look on and shake our heads.

  • Mossan

    Another flop product from open community it’s just a copy of outlook.

  • Karl Long

    Ad supported email is a bit of a joke, the conversion rate for ads in anything except search is amazingly low. Ads in email is equivalent to ads on facebook which currently are yielding 42c cpm’s for advertisers.

    Anything built on email right now is like ancient technology, email is broken in most corporations and being used for the most ridiculous reasons. Like forwarding 10’s of MB attachments to hundreds of recipients. We need to focus on combining something like twitter+dropio+slideshare+flickr+shozu+youtube+blog+wiki


    • Dave


      Wrong? Karl, we have better than anecdotal evidence to the contrary that, email marketing and ‘ads’ within them do not produce results. Our clients experience a near 10% click rate on their Wraps, which if viewed through a direct mail lens, that rate is off the charts.

      Further, we have launched a College Email Advertising Network where ads will be served in emails from/to college students. You can read more about it here:

      Email is screaming for re-invention and it’s clear that there are a number of companies doing just that.

      Dave Kustin – CMO, WrapMail

    • Karen Zink

      @Karl: Branding works and using external email to push out branding for once own company (not necessarily anyone else) seems to take advantage of converting all these emails to impressions. If they have build-in links that would be even better.

  • Tyler Wright

    Gmail should be your outlook replacement. Use it for 2 days and you will see why.

    I have almost NOTHING stored on my PC. Search, don’t sort. Get your domain set up a gmail for FREE.

    You can have up to 50 different emails running of one hosted gmail…

    • Basar

      Ummm, no thanks. When you have 50,000+ email users, GMAIL or anything web only where you don’t have full control over the server is not viable. Any IT director from a big size corporation will laugh at your face for even mentioning it.

    • bluecamel

      Search AND Sort would flip me to gmail permanently. Sort is the one thing missing from gmail.

  • Simon T Small

    Its heading in the right direction and it might actually work, a feature that Outlook seems to have missed.

  • Vengu

    I would rarter believe its a thunderbird ,evolution replacement and not a outlook replacement

  • Karl Long

    Of course I should have started with Gmail and the Google reader, they are so part of my toolset now I forget about them.

    Add on to that Google Apps, I’m collaborating on spreadsheets with people, working on business models on invite only pbwiki’s.

  • Albert K

    I just use GMail. Why the need to get more applications? Might as well just stick to something that is portable on the internet, while still well encrypted :)

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  • nick

    I think you guys should take a closer look, I checked out the demo and it’s a pretty nice product. The main point is that it unifies all email, IM and phone calls in to the one product, along with calendar and ties in your contacts as well.

    • Vengu

      Agreed, I Tried the demo and it is actually pretty cool! Looks like a tool that just lets you do your job.

      • Vengu

        Here is where I see this app can be better than outlook.


        Here is how it can be better than gmail.
        1.Local storage. i dont want to stay online to search the mails I received.
        2.Customized for enterprise. I dont see gmail being very customizable (except for the themes). If these folks can give that flexiblity it will be a hit
        3.integration with intranet portals and CRM solutions

        If i was the product manager , i would rather try to replicate ZIMBRA than outlook and give it for many platforms

    • brian

      Not that I am a fan of Lotus Notes, but version 8 has the same features and more. The only difference is with Notes it does not include a PBX but does allow users to call via computer to computer. However, Unison looks like a lower cost solution for smaller businesses.

  • nick

    sigh, you can’t just use the client by itself. You have to use the server side component too.

    • Jonathan

      How naive do you have to be to think that any serious commercial operation is going to hand it’s email over to Gmail??

      I can’t believe my eyes! Not one but SEVERAL people have indicated that Gmail is “better” than client/server email system! Are they one drugs?

      Think about it: a FREE email system that stores ALL your company’s email on THEIR network. Not only would most CEOs be promptly ejected from their posts by most shareholders if they tried that on, but in many jurisdictions around the world, doing so would put them in breach of corporation laws covering due diligence!

      Until today, I thought most TC readers were coked-up teenagers. Now I know they are actually moronic coked-up teenagers.

      • http://none garyc

        Good Comment………….was thinking the same as I read these dumb posts about using gmail.
        We use Scalix on several sites handling millions of emails with over 99% uptime over last 4 years. However I think we will trial this product simply because of the integrated voip features. The only big downside is a lack of web facing email access which imo is a bit of a killer tbh.

  • AW

    Alright, am I the only one who wants to know more about the cheeseburger incident?

    Because the curiosity is really eating me now.

  • Wessel van Rensburg

    I don’t get why business still uses Outlook. Those licences are expensive, not to mention the always present problems with storage and email sizes.

    Perhaps the credit crunch will concentrate their minds.

  • ali
    • the dude

      why do you keep posting this crap here?

  • Josh Cochrane

    Our Email Center Pro product ( takes a different approach to this challenge.

    It’s a low-cost SaaS product for small businesses that makes it easy to manage, assign, and track email conversations with customers.

    It looks and feels like web mail, not Outlook, and is packed with analytics and metrics tools for leveraging more of the metadata from email communications.

    First month is free if anyone is interested. Lightweight CRM functionality is launching soon.

  • Brad

    Is there no creativity left? I mean seriously this is a total knockoff of Outlook – the screen layout, the ribbon ui, the outlook bar on the left, the calendar view (including the rounded rects for appointments), the meeting scheduler.
    I can’t believe Ubuntu put their name on this.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they get hit with an infringement lawsuit.

    I use outlook constantly and love it for the most part (it is a bit of a resource hog), so I guess if you have to pick something to knockoff that would be it.

    • Wayne

      I think their ripping off Outlook is kind of the point. You don’t sell a product like this without winning over more than just IT people, if it feels familiar right out of the box, the obnoxious finance guy down the hall is less likely to complain.

    • Jonathan

      Don’t people who read TC work in offices?

      Comments like “This looks just like Outlook!” seem to indicate that the people that make them have never spent any time amongst 99% of all office workers who – like it or not – can barely use any software at all, least of all merrily skip from Outlook’s UI to another’s without major, corporation-busting pain.

      This is the same reason why OpenOffice copies MS Office so closely – because trying to get office workers to use substantially different UI is total and utter suicide.

      • Brad

        Yeah, I work in an office (although most of the people here know software pretty well) and I’m aware of what you’re saying.
        I still think it’s quite annoying that all but the very best open source software (e.g. firefox) is simple knock-offs of what MS does.
        Of course finding a way to be innovative in the UI space without having a horrific learning curve is a difficult problem and one that most companies aren’t capable of solving.

  • Ajay Pathak

    in this time who is willing to take a risk of setting up a new email client software and investing huge amount of money :)

  • Dos bits - Unison, el sustituto perfecto de Exchange

    […] de información | TechCrunchIT etiquetas: Ningún comentario Escribe el tuyo Comparte este artículo Artículos relacionados […]

  • Tom Blund

    I love the WrapMail idea – looks to be compatible with any email client. Looks like a letterhead for email where you promote your own products etc BUT without having to install anything or change email client/system.

  • Andrew

    Its a bit like Xobni, and it should be serverless then they have something.

  • Rolv E. Heggenhougen

    It is always easier when you do not have to install anything on the desktop. To unseat Microsoft is no small task but then again combining email, calendar, IM, phone, sms etc in one tool seems like a very slick idea.

  • Ed

    Whatever happened to Zimbra – the company that Yahoo bought a while back.? Wasn’ t that supposed to be the answer to Outlook? It has a web version that does most of what WrapMail does. It can leverage Yahoo chat and everything else in their product portfolio

    • dk

      Zimbra does not have a WrapMaker.

    • Rolv E. Heggenhougen

      Zimbra does not wrap the emails in an interactive letterhead that contains images with embedded (to avoid the red x) links that promote the senders company (and sometimes could contain 3rd party ads if senders company is willing to have such and of course charge for it). WrapMail is not an email system (even though there is a web-based version for vertical markets) but rather a server-based tool to make every email deliver branding impressions and further report back who is where on the website and when (also available immediately)

      REH/CEO WrapMail

  • Andy

    Email apps are no more a pain point for most… Need to find a real problem and solve with so many heads and money

  • Brad Cooper

    Email STILL hasn’t changed much in about 15 years. Still a clunky time synch, especially for group communicaitons.

    We need a better option…

    ..oh, but wait, there’s SmartMessage Center from CircleUp! yes, it’s a shameless plug, sorry ;-)

  • Rurik Bradbury

    This is Rurik Bradbury, CMO of Unison Technologies. I wanted to clarify a couple of points for some commenters above:

    @Andy — the main ‘pain’ that Unison solves is on the server-side. MS Exchange is a very real pain-point for most IT departments. With Unison they can replace Exchange and reduce the time spent on server administration.

    @Andrew — having a server side is the whole point. Unison consists of two parts: Unison Server and Unison Desktop. Both are required in order to do fully-unified communications (telephony, voicemail, email, IM) in one system. Exchange/Outlook cannot do this — because Outlook (even with nice add-ons like Xobni) is basically a front end for Exchange, and if Exchange cannot do unified communications, then naturally Outlook cannot either.

    @Vengu — you are right about the advantages. In terms of Zimbra, we looked at doing a Web app for the front end, but found they are not yet powerful enough to do what we need: fully-integrate telephony, voicemail, email, IM etc into a seamless experience. That still requires a ‘fat’ client.

    @Wessel — agreed. Microsoft Exchange/Outlook is extremely expensive. That is why companies should switch to Unison. (It’s better, faster, and free — what more could you ask for?)

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