Another Break In The Wall: to Sell DRM-Free Music have announced that they will be launching a digital music store later this year with one particular feature that is sure to bring a smile to many: the store will only sell DRM-free MP3 music files.

As with Apple in April, EMI Music’s digital catalog will be key to the new Amazon DRM-Free offering.

It’s a great step forward for consumers. Having every song and album available exclusively in the MP3 format and DRM-free will mean no more hassles with compatibility and ownership. Buyers will know that once they buy the music, they own the music and are free to use it on anything, anywhere for personal use.

The decision is also another step in bringing down the DRM wall. There may have been a lot of interest and discussion in relation to Apple’s announcement in April, but it’s easily forgotten that as the most popular destination for legal digital music, Apple is also the biggest seller of DRM infected music. Amazon selling only DRM-free music sends a message that a leading retailer is willing to back consumers over big business and that a digital music business can be built and continued using only DRM-free products.